Add-X Biotech AB is a Swedish bio-tech company located in Gothenburg. We are a privately owned company and have been working within the biodegradable business for more then 15 years. Add-X Biotech AB is the inventing company behind and the owner of the additive Addiflex® - an additive for creating bio-degradability in plastic.

Also, Plast Sur s.a signed an agreement with the signature SRT Hell & Co. GmbH to distribute its additive effects of oxy-biodegradable AFX ADDIFLEX HES, BOPP and ADDIFLEZ ADDIFLEX HEV in the MERCOSUR region, with the intention of continuing to provide our customers solutions that enable them to meet market demand as well as with current environmental regulations.

AFX meets ASTM international standards required by current regulations. And this tested by independent government agencies guarantee their quality.

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